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        ABOUT US

        ABOUT US

        Shandong Yuda Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a company specializing in the production of operation room equipment and ward care equipment and medical imaging equipment. The main products are operation shadowless lamp, shadowless lamp, holistic reflection shadowless lamp, operating lamp, electric operating table, Department of orthopedics hand table, carbon fiber operating table, operating table and prison. Protective instrument, medical tower, medical suspension bridge, electric nursing bed, LED shadowless lamp, sterilizing machine, medical bed, etc.

        Since its establishment, Shandong Yuda Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and renewal of hospital nursing and surgical equipment, and has a high quality design and development team, increasing the investment of production equipment, and constantly improving the production technology with CNC shearing machine, digital control bending machine, CNC punch press and automatic carving. High end equipment such as carving machine and other high-end equipment are invested in the new province, and the world's leading AKZO NOBEL powder coating is used to improve the production capacity and improve the quality of the product. By optimizing the supply channels of raw materials, improving the technological process, and scientifically configuring warehouse management, we can fulfill customer orders on time.

        20 years of industry

        The company has been established for 20 years
        Obtaining national high technology and technology enterprise certification

        Lead the world

        2017 sales in the country
        Becoming a global provider of medical equipment

        Sell to a number of countries

        Product sales are all over the world
        Total export sales of foreign trade 1000000+

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